Landscaping Services


serviceimageOffering a full range of landscaping services, Majore Landscaping is the complete package for residential or commercial landscaping services. With over two decades experience, Doug Majore and his crew can guide you through the most ambitious landscaping challenges, and complete your project to your specification.

Ensuring his personal approval on all aspects of the project; top quality product, a tidy work area throughout the project, attention to detail upon completion, and a satisfied gracious customer are the policy for Doug. His personal pride is on the line when it comes to your landscaping project, and you are sure to benefit from his passion.

Majore Landscaping offers the following landscaping services:
- Paving Stone
- Sodding
- Seeding
- Topsoil
- Lawn
- Ponds
- Shrubs & Trees
- Retaining walls
- Stone
- Soil
- Aggregate
- Fencing
- Decking
- Gardens
...and just about anything else you can think of!

Give Doug a call and begin creating the outdoor experience you've always dreamed of. (613) 239-4756
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